Bailey Insurance, LLC.

Bailey Insurance is successfully running and operated by Founder, Mark Bailey. Licensed in Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, Illinois and Pennsylvania, Mark is an independent insurance agent who serves his clients by providing the proper policies and coverages needed on an individualistic approach. Bailey Insurance is always working with your best interest in mind. Protecting the important parts of your life is a smart investment, and that’s how we know our work in doing so serves a much greater purpose. At Bailey Insurance, we do the shopping for you. By offering several companies, it’s a guarantee that we will find the right fit for you. Learn more about our services offered and start today on insuring your future!



Say Goodbye to Complicated

Hiring a local independent insurance agent is a safe and smart investment. What that means for you is better pricing, and the real value is there’s no complicated process! You discuss your needs one-on-one with your local agent, and then your agent does the shopping for you. It’s as simple as that. Bailey Insurance is licensed to sell insurance in Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois. By shopping a variety of different companies and being a well versed one-stop agent, you can say goodbye to complicated, and hello to savings.

Receive the Best Pricing

When you hire an independent insurance agent, you eliminate the addition of overhead costs. Independent agents work for themselves and require little to no overhead, and what that means to you is an opportunity for better pricing all around. Going local is always better. Get to know your local agent, Mark Bailey and allow him to take care of you. Bailey Insurance works with a long list of trusted companies, so the real value is knowing you’re in good hands and you’ll always come out on top. Having the ability to shop several different companies for each policy will save you big time!

Bundle for a Better Buck

Insurance bundling is offered through Bailey Insurance and that means more savings for you! The best part is you will insure more for way less. When you bundle your rental or home policy with your auto insurance, you’ll get the maximum discounts that are offered. Not only will you cut down costs per policy, but also manage your policies more efficiently. It reduces extensive amounts of paperwork, avoids unwanted conversations between you and different carriers, and stops confusion from ever happening. Your direct insurance agent will guide and help manage your policies with you.

Everybody loves Free

Bailey Insurance is more than happy to offer you a free quote for your insurance needs. The real value in requesting a free quote is being able to get a clear idea of the potential costs for all your specific insurance needs without any upfront investment necessary. In order to request a free quote, visit our contact page or call Mark directly, (317) 809-7982.

ABOUTMark Bailey

Bailey Insurance was established by Mark Bailey in June 2019. Mark is licensed to sell insurance in Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, and Illinois. He decided to become an independent insurance agent because he wanted to gain more knowledge in the field, all while expanding in his personal opportunities. Mark grew up in South Bend, IN and obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2006 from Indiana University. ( Hoosier Pride! ) Shortly after college, he moved to Indianapolis and worked in the staffing and human resources field. In 2013, Mark decided to build a career within the insurance industry. He was looking for a challenge and a way to help others, so insurance seemed like the perfect fit. Before Mark founded Bailey’s Insurance, he worked at a family-owned insurance agency for six years. Now, Mark successfully runs Bailey Insurance and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Bailey Insurance, LLC. Licensed in Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois.

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