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Partnering with an independent insurance agent will provide you with the lowest insurance rates while maintaining your ideal coverage. Just like any small and local business, there are perks. Independent does not mean less qualified; it means less overhead costs, which results in better pricing for your needed policies.

Over my experience and observations, below are the frequently asked questions I’ve answered for my clients to understand why hiring an independent agent is always best.

What is an independent insurance agent?

An independent insurance agent is defined as a licensed insurance professional that serves each client independently by shopping multiple insurance companies to discover the best pricing of needed policies for each client.

Who do independent insurance agents work for?

Independent insurance agents are not bound to an individual insurance company. They work for their clients; therefore, you can rest assured your best interest is kept in mind when shopping each policy.

What kind of insurance companies does an independent insurance agent write with?

There are several insurance companies that independent agents are authorized to work with. Bailey Insurance works with Travelers, Encompass, Allstate, National General, Progressive, Metlife, Grange, Hanover, SafeCo, Nationwide, Universal, Foremost, Arlington Roe, American Modern, Bristol West, Indiana Farmers, AAA, and many more.

Why are insurance rates cheaper through an independent insurance agent?

Since independent insurance agents have the opportunity to shop with multiple companies, they have a better grip at the fluctuating rates and competitiveness within the industry. Being able to dip into various streams of insurance markets allows independent agents to indeed find the best pricing for their clients.

If independent insurance agents are “the better deal,” than why do I only see advertising for large insurance agencies?

Larger insurance agencies have the budget to advertise; whereas independent agents are busy focusing on their client’s best interest. Going local is always better!

Are independent insurance agents more educated than an insurance agency?

Independent insurance agents have to be licensed, just like any other agent within an insurance agency. Independent insurance agents are well-versed in a variety of insurance because they rely solely on themselves to promote business. You can be confident that in order to sell independently, the agent knows their stuff.

How do I contact Bailey Insurance?

You can fill out our contact form here, email Mark directly, mark@baileyinsurancequotes.com , or call Mark directly, (317) 809-7982.