INSURANCERenters Insurance

Whether you are renting your home or you rent from an apartment complex, condominium, or office building, you will need renters insurance. Most landlords and property owners will require you to buy a certain amount of coverage before moving in.

You always want to be covered in the case of an unexpected circumstance. An unexpected fire, robbery, windstorm, or flood are a few common scenarios where having a renters insurance policy comes in hand. Renters insurance can cover a variety of your belongings, including your electronics, furniture, appliances, or something as simple as clothing.

It’s safe to say that renters insurance is worth the peace of mind. If you’re unsure how much coverage you need for your living situation, allow Bailey Insurance to consult you on what’s best for your specific needs!

This type of insurance policy can also protect you from situations that involve you and your property. If you’re ever held responsible for accidental damage to someone else’s home, your policy will help you cover the costs. Also, if someone is ever hurt while on your property, your policy can help pay towards any medical expenses.