INSURANCEUmbrella Insurance

The purpose of an umbrella is to protect you in an unexpected “natural” occurrence. When you invest in an umbrella insurance policy, you’re preparing for those circumstances that can happen out of nowhere. Take your home, auto, or watercraft insurance to the next level by adding an umbrella policy.

An umbrella insurance policy is defined as an added coverage of liability insurance beyond your already-established home, auto, or watercraft insurance policy. It’s one thing when someone else damages your property, but what happens when you’re responsible for damages or injuries?

It can be hard to determine the amount of umbrella liability insurance you need. Bailey Insurance can advise you on the best policy limits based on your assets. You want to be covered, even when it’s your fault, don’t you?

That’s where an umbrella insurance policy comes in hand. An umbrella liability policy can cover an exceedingly higher limit than your specific policies cover. If you ever receive a claim that’s against you, where you are responsible for the damages or injuries, your umbrella coverage will pay up to the policy limit you purchased.